1. 22/02/2013. Our second sleep over, at the residence of  Peter King Oloo that had members from all three Rotaract clubs of Rwanda;- School of Finance & Banking (SFB), Kigali Institute of Education (KIE) as well as RCKC. It was a fellowship that strengthened our ties and helped map a way forward for Rotaract in Rwanda.

RYLA Rwanda 2013
RYLA Rwanda 2013

2. 16 & 17/03/2013. In conjunction with the entire Rotary family in Rwanda, we successfully organized RYLA Rwanda 2013. It was a resounding success for which we are most proud, especially given the challenges we faced in trying to make it happen. This particular conference made us more aware about what success can be achieved with teamwork. We are most glad and proud of what we were able to achieve. Thanks- a mighty thanks to all our visitors on the two days- including the district governor; you left a lasting impression.

Rotary family walking to the Genocide memorial center
Rotary family walking to the Genocide memorial center

3. 25/05/2013. RCKC was part of a joint project (along with the entire Rotary family in Rwanda) to visit Nibakure Children’s Village in Bugesera- Rwanda where they toured the premises, and played with the orphans as well as handing them some niceties. On the same day, they proceeded to Gashora girls school to commission an Interact club. Memorable.

4. 31/05/2013. RCKC was part of the Rotary Rwanda organized walk to remember– a walk from the Kigali Public Library to Kigali Genocide Memorial Center- in respect of the people who lost their lives during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis and moderate Hutus. Special mention was made of the Rotarians who lost their lives then.

Rotaractors after Induction
Rotaractors after Induction

5. 08/06/2013. CHARTER & INSTALLATION DINNER. A fitting end to a highly successful first Rotary year. 27 members were inducted as RCKC was officially born.

6. 29/06/2013. R.E.A.C.T 2013, Masaka Uganda. Three Members from RCKC, along with one from the Rotaract club of KIE- Rwanda joined the rest of East Africa’s Rotaract clubs in the first ever East Africa joint project which took place in Masaka, Uganda. It would also be our first big project after charter. This project has been voted to become annual with 2014 slated to take place in Bujumbura- Burundi. Clubs attended from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi.

Rotaractors/ Rotarians off to Nibakure
Rotaractors/ Rotarians off to Nibakure

7. 22/07/2013. RCKC Participated in the installation ceremony of the Interact club of FAWE girls’ school as well as an earlier installation for the Interact club of Kagarama. Two ceremonies in one day, in which RCKC reinforced our commitment to primarily mentor FAWE girls but providing the same for Kagarama.  

8. 27/07/2013. Joint Installation of Rotaract SFB & KIE. RCKC joined the two Rotaract clubs to celebrate their installation and annual board change. It was a very good success.

9. 3/08/2013. Visit of Nibakure Children’s Village. As part of an on going project, RCKC joined SFB & KIE to visit Nibakure children’s children, where the ladies and gents separated and discussed girl and boy issues with their respective genders, offering advice to the young ones to build their confidence and self awareness. It was just a visit intended to give the children some life lessons.

10. 14/09/2013. Visiting Mwuiruwe Diabetes center. Joined by over a dozen Rotaractors and a Rotarian from Kampala, Uganda and local clubs KIE and SFB, RCKC visited this center of over 80 patients to encourage and inspire them as well as listen to their life stories and how we could help. In the end, the club committed to offering medical insurance to some patients and also help in creating diabetes awareness and prevention means. This has since become our signature projects. Details on https://rotaractkigalicity.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/its-5-bucks-a-year-to-save-a-diabetic/

11. 19th/10/2013. Carwash for Diabetes. Having established the need for some funds to be channeled to our new found fight against diabetes, we organized a carwash fundraiser for the same in which participants were offered free diabetes checkup and cars were washed by Rotaractors. All funds raised were given to the center. Full story on https://rotaractkigalicity.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/just-shifting-gears/

12. 2nd/11/2013. RIPAY 2013, Kampala. Five club members visited Kampala together with fellow Rotaractors and Interactors from Rwanda to take part in the RIPAY 2013 presidential conference in Uganda’s capital. The trainings and pieces of advise and overall experience is one of the big reasons for which we are in Rotaract. To grow into leaders. Details on https://rotaractkigalicity.wordpress.com/2013/11/18/when-we-said-hello-to-the-president-rotary-international-magic/

13. 29th/11/2013. Trip to Bujumbura. After a long and hectic year 2013, the Rotaractors hit the road to Bujumbura- Burundi to unwind and mingle with the Rotaractors in Burundi. The trip was fun, tears, and long walks but then again, those little things are what we all live for. The two days there were wonderful in the end. Full story on https://rotaractkigalicity.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/and-then-we-locked-down-bujumbura/


All notes compiled by: Peter King Oloo


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