About RCKC

Rotaract is the action wing of Rotary International, comprising of empowered young men and women between the ages of 18-30 that work together to bring about peace and international understanding to the
world. It evolves around 3 elements; Community Development, Leadership Development, and Professional Development.

Club Slogan- Service Is Honorable

The Rotaract club of Kigali City is a community-based club – Chartered in June 2013, transforming young men and women in Rwanda into responsible citizens with a heart to give back to the community.

We are proudly sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kigali-Virunga.  In the spirit of Rotary International, helping to heal the hurting world will be our badge of honor- our enduring legacy being our humility.
Meeting place: Zuri Restaurant- Gishushu, KG 13

Rotaractors upon arrival
At our signature diabetes project

Time: Every Friday at 07:00-08:00 pm

Every guest strengthens us. Thank you, whenever you can drop by.

Rotaract Club of Kigali City Slogan- Service is honorable


4 thoughts on “About RCKC

  1. Hello, nice to read from u, me i’m Christelle BALIKWISHA Past DRR of District 9150 and i’ll be happy to have any contact from your club. I’m from DRC and my club is Rotaract Kinshasa Binza but when i was DRR i was leaving in lubumbashi .
    Sorry i’m not a good english speaker or writer but i’m doing my best.
    Please i need to be in contact with the new dirigeant of your club.
    my phone num is +243997017983 and my email: cbalikwisha@yahoo.fr

    1. Dear Christelle,

      I replied to you on email but you haven’t got in touch. Please, whenever you are around Kigali, please liaise with us. Our email, rotaractkigalicity@gmail.com is always accessed, as well as the contacts i shared with you on mail.

      It would be nice to arrange a project with Rotaract clubs in Kinshasa or Lubumbashi and please never worry about language- there is actually no consensus anywhere in the world about how English should be spoken or written, we are just glad that you took the time to seek us out.

      I will personally ensure that we keep in touch.

      Kind Rgds,
      Peter Oloo,
      International Service Director 2013/ 14

  2. Hello my dear Rotaract Friends,
    I am writing you as the current president of the Rotaract Club Witten-Wetter-Ruhrtal, Distrikt D1900 (Germany).
    I am, together with friends, visiting Rwanda from August 1st untill August 21st.
    We are a group of people representing the L’appel Deutschland e.V., a social organisation beeing active in Rwanda. With our current work we are helping the people of Kiruhura (nearest city is Mulindi) to build a health-post, giving medical support for over 15000 persons. Aswell we are active in supporting education and rising living conditions.
    Our initiative is not based on Rotary or other Rotary-related organisations, but I am a Rotaractor and would like to visit your club in my time in Kigali. I would like to meet some friends and tell you about our project.
    I would be very glad about an answer.

    contact: sk.jakob@gmx.de

    1. Dear Jakob…wow, this is the best news we have heard this Rotary year. B sure that we will be waiting for you. We also have a slew of projects in August, but we would be happy, very happy to join u in your work.
      Are your friends Rotaractors/ Rotarians too and how many are you coming with?
      It would be a great honor to have you around please stay in touch.
      Please email us any details to rotaractkigalicity@gmail.com

      Rtr. Jakob, it was a pleasure hearing frm you and i will relay the news to other members to align our projects tht way.

      Kind Rgds,
      Peter Oloo,
      International Service Director

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