Ushering in our 6th President in style – The Installation that was!



In IPP Yegoshaa (C)’s last moments as President, President Roger (L) couldn’t contain the happiness while the Guest of Honor Gabriel Ekman (R) seemed to be enjoying himself.

On a beautiful Saturday evening, the 8th of July 2017, the Kigali weather was in full agreement with the members of the Rotaract Club of Kigali City as they gathered with fellow Rotaractors and friends of the club at Gorillas Hotel, Nyarutarama. The occasion was none other than witnessing the crowning of the 6th President Elect-then, Roger Gasore. Or let’s say, they had come together to bear witness of IPP Yego Amos (who we shall call IPP Yegoshaa)’s peaceful handover of the mantle of the club’s leadership.


Along the streets of the city, members running here and there in search of suits and evening dresses to grace the main occasion and checking to be sure that all is in good shape. The President Elect was one living example of what we are talking about here.

As soon as it was full house, the MCs of the day started their work on a high, getting some of the guests show off their God-given talent. It’s a good thing we had issued a prior warning to all guests not to leave their dancing shoes behind because CP Norryn’s ‘Joke Box’  started off the night’s activities, involving just about everyone (Okay, apart from those that hailed from the high table; and trust me they are still sending thank you-notes for leaving them out). It was both entertaining and educating; some people actually took notes to keep track of the new moves.

By the time President Yegoshaa arose for his last address as the President of the Rotaract Club of Kigali City, all guests had been treated to enough laughter to keep their ribs hurting. He appreciated the fantastic board that worked with him to make the Rotary year 2016-2017 a successful one in the club’s history. In his own words, the President (again, for the last time), appreciated the effort and time invested by each of the board members to ensure that they deliver to the best of their ability in the club responsibilities.


“I would like to appreciate this team of noble men and women, the entire membership of this club and our sister clubs in Rwanda. It’s because of your efforts along with the support from our various sponsors that we made it to the finish line. Without you all, we wouldn’t have achieved as much”Outgoing President Amos Yego said during his final remarks.

Our Guest of Honor for the day was Gabriel Ekman, a 26 year old gentleman with a background in Project Management and Strategic Communications. He is a Swedish entrepreneur and Managing Director of Bag Innovation, a startup that empowers University students to take up consultancy services for local and international NGOs and assists companies to generate valuable growth for the youth in the company.

By now you know we had just the right person to address the service minded men and women that had joined us this evening, right?

Gabriel lauded the Rwandan youth for their passion for the development of their community and urged Rotaractors to use this as a foundation and develop a new way of thinking, new ideas and creativity in everything they do.


“When you get a new idea, take a risk and develop your idea with a sense of creativity so that it provides a unique solution from what already exists. Let it stand out from the usual.”Gabriel Ekman remarked as he inspired Rotaractors and their guests.

At this time, all guests are anxiously waiting for the crowning of the man of the evening, a very young man who has already shown us the capability to take the Rotaract club of Kigali City. With the help of Rotarian Thomas Kinyua, IPP Yegoshaa peacefully handed over the instruments of power to now, President Roger Gasore (Drumrolls) who immediately took to the podium.

The President had a little something for everyone as he shared about his journey as a Rotaractor alongside other leadership experience.


“I always believe that my purpose as a person is to make a difference in someone’s life, creating in them a positive impact that will leave them motivated” – President Roger said while giving the main speech of the day.

The President shared that his inspiration is the story of the humming bird that he heard from the late Wangari Mathaai. In this story, a forest was burning down and all the animals just stood by and watched it burn. But the humming bird was flying to and fro the river with a droplet of water to put out the fire. The other animals startled, told the humming bird how crazy it is to think that it could put out that fire with just a droplet of water, and it humbly responded that it’s just doing its best.

As a moral of the story, President Roger urged everyone to always try their best to make a difference and impact lives out there positively.

The beautiful event was ended on a high with an awesome presentation from the hosts themselves, the members of the Rotaract club of Kigali City! And then…the Presidential dance opening up the dance floor, featuring none other than the beautiful Vice President.  My dear, this was just to confirm that we have no two-left legged humans among us. And yes, because you asked, we shall of course line up another show soon.

After a long night of fun, both RCKC and Rotaract Kabale members couldn’t get their heads up on Sunday morning until it was midday. And this was the beginning of sightseeing around the beautiful city of Kigali until we saw them off! Thank you Rotaract Kabale for always rolling with us!

And the rest of you, watch out for the year of awesomeness…Powered by the Rotaract Club of Kigali City!

Enjoy some of the moments that we shared at that awesome event.




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