Our fight against Diabetes goes on; Our noble pledge to Rwanda and Rotary International

We did it again….Yes! last weekend we were at it again.

Saturday the 29th August 2015, a good number of good jolly fellows set off from Kigali at around 1:00 pm.

Destination was somewhere in Rwamagana district, the Eastern side of Rwanda.  For all the good reasons, members of the Rotaract Club of Kigali City were heading to the Mwulire Diabetes Centre for the club’s quarterly visit to the children battling the disease.

Her Excellency, President Faridah Kamariza did well enough to make sure that Rotaractors don’t upset the local leaders; we all had to first get down to our “Umuganda” chores in our neighborhoods (read “Umudugudu”) and then hit the road for the visit to our little friends.

Our journey was spiced up by all types of hilarious stuff and surely before we knew it, we were at the Diabetes centre in Mwulire. Only that is a living testimony that Rotaract brings together misplaced talent.

Fast forward to our arrival at the centre, we were given a special treat, with all the children assembled to entertain us on arrival. This only reminded me of the early school days when we had to learn  a newly composed song and dance for almost every guest that showed up at school.

The only difference is that this time, Rotaractors couldn’t watch from a distance without mingling with the kids, showing off their almost forgotten talents.

By the time food time was announced, some of these good fellows had really had a workout and many of us were more concerned on the extra input for them to rejuvenate their used up energy.

The children shared, each one telling us about where they came from before getting to the center, how long they have battled Diabetes, their families’ reaction to their situation and the challenges they face while at the centre. The details of all this was mind-blowing as some of them were actually brave enough to say that their parents have still not found it easy to contain after others  managed to accept it and move on.

While at it, the Rotaract Presidents and the only outgoing and incoming guide Rotarian started unleashing their mind-blowing speeches. Not to forget that all these had to be in our local language, “Kinyarwanda”, so that all the kids are could pick the communication. I bet you know what I am talking about here. Some people had to forge out new versions for the day. Bu there will be no name calling, we all live in glass houses lately….just in-case they all live to read this post. But if I must say we might use an interpreter next time.   If I am to continue with the story of what transpired at the during this one session, I could go on until the chicken come home, so let’s leave it at that for now.

All the Rotaractors presented the good goodies to the 20 children’s caretakers, reminding you that we had all carried clothes to donate to the children as well as the bank cheque to cater for all the children’s medical insurance. Rotarian Sam then managed to conduct a brainstorming session on how to handle the little challenges faced by the children and this paid off when we got a lineup of possible solutions.

We were then off to our shuttle, making sure that we had to leave early enough so that we are just in good time for the sleepover and home hospitality, at one of our member’s house. The principle was just one…What happens at the home hospitality ends there. So I am not about to be punched after telling you what happened there.

All in all, it was a project well attended and an afternoon well spent. We couldn’t trade it for anything better.

Because RCKC never walks alone, we will  log in our sincere appreciation to the Rotaract Clubs of SFB – Kigali and Kigali Institute of Education (KIE) and our mother club, the Rotary Club of Kigali-Virunga that sent representatives to be with us throughout our project. Your presence in every one of our spots always keeps your clubs’ names in our good books.

Massive thanks for everyone who spared their time and efforts to make this milestone in RCKC’s  noble pledge of kicking Diabetes out of Rwanda.


IMG-20150830-WA0019 IMG-20150901-WA0001IMG-20150901-WA0009IMG-20150901-WA0003They are happy kids against all odds


Just in-case you might think there was no lunch on the day’s agenda















The author is the Charter President of the Rotaract club of Kigali City



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