What is your service to your Rotaract Club?

I shall not bore you guys with so much history about Rotary or Rotaract because this is a message to inducted Rotaractors- and perhaps those dangerously close to induction. I believe that those in these categories are well versed enough to know the history and very purpose of Rotaract. If you don’t know, then maybe you should read this with a glass of water firmly in one hand because you perhaps haven’t gone to any pains to understaRCKC Logo- Officialnd Rotaract and find your place in your club.

I, Peter King was privileged to have been inducted at my club’s charter- becoming a Charter Director of International Service in the process. Before I could be such however, I went to great lengths to ask those who came before me every question I could about Rotaract and yet my curiosity continues to this day. What this has helped me to achieve is to appreciate the need for personal and communal development and understand how to handle relations with people of diverse background.

I did not sit about and wait for someone to educate me about Rotaract, or about the things I needed to do for my club. As a matter of fact, I listened to the four-way test being recited time and again until I understood it; I searched, downloaded, read and understood the Goals of Rotaract on my own account without anyone’s help.

I researched about my roles as a Director and executed them to the best of my ability without nudging. I found it relatively straightforward what I had to do. Today, I am often referred to for Rotaract questions from newbies and I am always glad to help- if only the questions were forthcoming by the truckloads.

Rotaract in Rwanda is now coming of age, thanks to a small band of pioneers who have pushed the ceiling. While it continues to grow, that small band doesn’t seem to be expanding at an acceptable rate, but the good news is that those same lads are strong enough to keep pushing. So here’s my simple questionnaire to Rotaractors in Rwanda and beyond;

  1. Of what service are you to your Rotaract club?
  2. How many times in a day do you dedicate to Rotaract Research? There’s a Rotary website- rotary.org that should be visited for lots of research.
  3. How often do you ask senior Rotaractors questions?
  4. What is the limit of your ambition in Rotary as a whole?
  5. Can you recite the four-way test and/ or the goals of Rotaract?
  6. How often do you participate in Rotaract activities like fellowship, make-ups and projects?

Those questions are basic, because it pains me that many Rotaract Clubs boast the numbers, but not the action of their members. Induction should be accompanied by a Rotaract Handbook for example- IF IT MUST BE.

See, inductions shouldn’t be just for posterity. It should be for those who, more than visit for a given number of times actually take a good time to always research, participate and love their club and others. Those are the kind who will push our clubs forward.

At the university, after getting lost
At a University in Bujumbura

I call upon all Rotaract Clubs to be dutiful in their mandates to train young leaders and grow the communities around them. To achieve that, clubs must have knowledgeable members.

And to members, take the initiative. It is improper to wait for someone to show you what to do. There’s a great many ways to grow and few come as big as Rotaract. Be of some service to your club.

I have been a Rotaractor under three years, and yet my curiosity is unfulfilled. I believe it’s all about interest.

Sit yourself down one of these days and think about what you can do for your club. And to that, I expect from follow up comments to gauge the number of club members and other Rotaractors who actually scour the web for Rotaract information.

Thanks and Regards,

Peter King.

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