Back to the business of fighting Diabetes

We have always had this our flagship project at heart and after some eight months away, we finally went back to Muiruwe Education Center on 24th May to spend some time with the patients. This time, they were 22 in number, with the first lot of 80 having been released from the center with business startup packages.

Rotaractors handing over some items
Rotaractors handing over some items

We took with us various foodstuffs, fruits and drinks; had lunch with the kids and toured their various farming activities like Banana plantations, Sorghum fields and cows on zero grazing. We played and danced with the kids, listened to their stories and gave them some words of inspiration.

PE Amon handing over clothes
PE Amon handing over clothes

Their struggles still remain. We are currently contributing for the life insurance of 20 patients to start with and will expand the number as the need and means arise.
We will also select volunteers from the club who will be following up on the patients who were released from the center and ensure that they do not fall to this monstrous disease. All that this requires is some four minutes of one’s time on phone with the patient per week- not too much to ask.

We will continue visiting this center every three months until such a time that we can see victory. Our contributions might be meager, but all these kids (yes, the majority are teenagers) need are people who can show them love and not segregate against them; people who can sympathize with their pain and not consider it a curse. Many of our members do not understand- or speak Kinyarwanda (the native language) but it’s amazing how they connect with these kids with just signs, smiles and laughter. We are always proud of those small contributions and are in fact encouraged by them.
So we are going to solicit for their insurance costs and whether we get for all 22 kids, or for just one kid (5 USD per kid {3,000rwf}), we will still take it to the center and they will be glad. Every kid who smiles is our blessing and we give glory to God. It’s a nice feeling to be Rotaract.

Rotaractors upon arrival
Rotaractors upon arrival
Rotaractors mixing it up with patients
Rotaractors mixing it up with patients

We wish for victory in this fight, and every help is welcome if we are to make this happen. It’s not the fight of The Rotaract Club of Kigali City alone or indeed Rotaract in Rwanda; like our fellow Rotaractors from Uganda showed those eight months ago, it’s a global fight and we encourage every member of Rotary, friends and sympathizers to join us in this fight.
The center told us that we are ONE of only TWO groups of people who ever visit them. That’s something painful. We hope there are more out there who join.

Village facts;
Location; Approx. 70kms from Kigali,
Capacity; 22 patients, 4 staff

Patients sing for us
Patients sing for us

Activities; Farming, tailoring, bread making, etc.
Needs; Insulin doses, insurance, caretakers, visits, etc

Thanks for reading.

Peter King

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