Diaries Of Bujumbura

You lot didn’t hear me the first time. And you wonder how I got to know; well, our resident photographer chose to interrupt my well-needed nap with a catalogue of photos from what went down the other week. For a moment, while I dreamt that I was shooting pool with Jay Z down in New York with his song “Dirt off your shoulder” playing in the background, I thought it was one of the many Jay Z and my fans tagging at my shoulder to sign an autograph- then it hit me, it was incessant notifications of new posts arriving on my brand new Galaxy something phone(>>>insert emoticon for swag here<<<). 1484112_10200418806631786_1856907862_n 1454638_10200438503524196_1840161942_n






With much anger, I woke up and so all the photos that reminded me about what exactly went down. From the jokers that they became when they staggered into an army outpost to the flashiest shows of creative dressing and dancing, the rotaractors didn’t disappoint. They nailed it so much that the rains came down. It is said that it rarely rains in Bujumbura so either it was the rain itself, or it was the incessant banging of the water by drowning rotaractors that confused me- or much worse, it might have been guys just chatting and laughing- but in French! It still felt cold, that’s why I have my theories.

Unfortunately, there were very few photos of the guys munching away- not that the food would whet your appetite anyway. These are not the complete photos you see (am trying to upload them but they are jamming)so perhaps check out our facebook page (the album link https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.426451937484218&type=1) and check out the entire catalogue. You will need 3D glasses to enjoy the experience- no am kidding (about the 3D, not the catalogue). Check them out at

The times were great, the team did us all proud with lots of fun and episodes (>>>insert favourite emoticon<<<)

1504043_10200438540085110_1176381404_n 1484185_10200438494283965_1237718371_n

The photos say they were happy, I say am feeling sleepy and I need to lie right back down and complete this game of pool. No black on Jay Z- I promise. Must I print t-shirts for that?


Peter King

563750_10200438445722751_1228074835_n 551267_10200438459403093_1781826097_n1454561_10200438527164787_1673701746_n


1470398_10200438429842354_188399656_n 546972_10200438468643324_1145791209_n 558086_10200438442202663_1284728188_n 1385368_10200438497564047_907787266_n

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