#Just shifting GEARS

In our continuing effort to help fight diabetes in Rwanda, the Rotaract Club of Kigali City- Rwanda, joined by other Rotaract Clubs in Rwanda and one in Uganda launched their carwash for diabetes fundraising drive that has been long overdue.

Club President (in Green) & RYLA chair do the first wash
Club President (in Green) & RYLA chair do the first wash

FACT: Diabetes in Rwanda is real and is deadly- yet very few have taken it very seriously but all that is about to change. With this pioneer fundraiser, we hope to increase awareness and funding towards diabetes over the coming years to curb unnecessary and preventable deaths.

A carwash fundraising drive for diabetes was done on 19th October and it involved free diabetes testing which fortunately didn’t catch anyone of us on the wrong end of the maths. There were lots of Volleyball, Pool, Music and miming as well as eats. A great way to work for charity without being all too miserable. At the project’s end, all roads led to Posh restaurant and Hilltop 9 Club for- what we like to call the after- project. A celebration of all things Rotaract, all things that make us special.

Here’s to the noble people who joined us in spirit, physically, morally and financially. Your contributions and pledges made for a successful 19th/ October. The gesture of those who pledged, financed and yet turned up physically at the Carwash venue will never be forgotten for on that day, diabetes patients made new friends and retained existing relations.

With the funds that were realized- which will be duly reported in subsequent Rotaract meetings, we will buy insulin and medical insurance as well as other medical needs for these patients. The visit to deliver these items will be publicized because we owe it to our partners- especially them that made it their moral obligation (as is supposed to be) to attend the carwash in person- to inform them of how their noble gestures were put to use.

Flyin 2 Kampala West
Flyin 2 Kampala West
U ll neva get this photo anywhere else
U ll neva get this photo anywhere else

A lot of thanks and a toast to our Sponsors including our mother club The Rotary Club of Kigali- Virunga, AND ESPECIALLY The Rotaract Clubs of Kampala West, KIE, SFB, Rotary and the world over. Special mention shall also go to Rotarian Graeme from mother club, who went the entire distance with us- all the way deep into the night- we felt loved, thanks.

The Rotaract Clubs in Rwanda proved once again, as they always do especially when the chips are down- as was the case for the soon to be happy diabetics at Rwamagana, that they will always endeavor to make Rotary proud in the best possible way.

Cheers and many more thanks. We, at RCKC are most proud of you and will keep shifting gears. Rotaract in Rwanda is just getting started and we will take Rotary to the very top. SERVICE IS HONORABLE and once again “Remember therefore, that upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.” Alexander The Great.

One thought on “#Just shifting GEARS

  1. yea thats was it ..thanks alot Peter and special thanks to the rotaract club of Kie,Sfb and Kampala west for making the project asuccess and ofcourse not forgeting Rwanda Diabetes center.

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