We Stand for the Virtue of Kindness.

 If you are an Interactor, Rotaractor or Rotarian, you will most likely agree with me that one of the best moments you have heard is when you created a smile on a stranger’s face. As human beings, we are always indebted to identifying opportunities where we can be of help to people who are less privileged. Of course whether you do this or not remains entirely up to you but the fact is that it’s better to have helped out someone than to have neglected them at a time when they needed to be picked up. Some people need only reaching out to them so they believe that life will someday turn out better for them.

That’s why I will forever salute the men and women of big hearts that make up the Rotary family. They could not be the national heroes, firefighters or even Presidents of their countries (which many of us have always tended to associate with the term ‘great’, but they will always be remembered for the legacy of making a remarkable change in the world. And that’s why I salute them!!! Through their efforts, they manage to bring into existence something that the entire society delights in. So, why not recognizing them whenever there is chance to?

We should always keep in mind that real greatness does not lie in big figures or even their acts, rather in the big hearts that have chosen to leave their comfort zones on more than one occasion in the interest of a brother or sister’s happiness. But it never just takes the easy way; it calls for sacrifice along with a heart that reaches out to others despite all other conditions.

Maybe there are children for you to help in your neighborhood, through your larger community (in this case Rotaract).  Maybe the people to think about aren’t even children; maybe there is just someone who needs an act of positive kindness that you can provide. There are certainly no guaranteed outcomes, but it probably won’t do harm to be gracious. So, don’t let the chance go. Better yet, it could give hope or might even turn an enemy into a friend. So, offer the best of kindness you can ever give.

 Wherever there is a human in need, there is an opportunity for kindness and to make a difference.”  – Kevin Heath 


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