A Sunday with our Interactors!

This last Sunday, the Rotaract Club of Kigali City joined the rest of Rotaractors in Rwanda and Paul Harris Fellow Rotarian Raaj in visiting FAWE Girls School- the oldest and most active Interact Club in Rwanda. The purpose was to mentor them in the ways of community service and leadership.

A section of Interactors pose with the ADDR
A section of Interactors pose with the ADDR
PHF. Raaj officially hands over the laptop
PHF. Raaj officially hands over the laptop
Part of the attendees
Part of the attendees
No, she wasn't time bad
No, she wasn’t time bad

During the mentorship program, we handled with them;-

1. The history of Rotary, Interact and Rotaract (By Rotarian Raaj),

2. The meaning and purpose of service,

3. The purpose of their Vocational, Finance, Club Service and International Service committees,

4. Membership,

5. How to build project ideas,

In the end, the Interactors were wonderful, asking questions and receiving their answers. We helped divide the members into respective committees based on their own informed but self-assessed abilities, hobbies and potential.

The FAWE interact club president almost wrestled our ADDR to the ground when he seemed to take his sweet time about giving her the mic. She apparently wanted to thank our sponsoring Rotary Club president for giving the school- sorry, Interact club- a laptop earlier in the week.

Now, not many clubs round these parts have laptops- all the more reason to their ingenuity. They have been a model Interact club for more than five years, and as we go on creating more this Rotary year, we hope to assist them to achieve great potential.

After mentorship
After mentorship: PG 18 kabisa

The morale is there and so is the mind and body.

A mighty fine thanks to Faculty Advisor Frederick Kasi for the wonderful work he has done with them. This club has become a reliable feeder of Rotaract clubs in Rwanda every year. Long may it continue and cheers to these Jolly good fellows.

Next up, we are finalizing plans to cater to one Kid’s all year tuition in this wonderful school.

5 thoughts on “A Sunday with our Interactors!

    1. Thanks for this important reminder PP Raj! Interactors are still thrilled..and for the rest of us, we shall keep saying ‘kudos to your big heart, you are really a true Rotarian!’ …Following your steps!

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