Be motivated; Inspire the world!

Okay, i will not claim to be the most inspiring figure that ever set foot upon this earth but lately, i have been digging too deep into the world of science- very, very deep and remember, this article is not to address you as Rotaractors in your various capacities, but as citizens of the world. This is to ensure clarity because somethings might come off as misdirected- especially if aimed at the already converted- so, just like the church would still preach to the said converts while insisting on fishing more men, i shall use a Rotary platform to address what is mean’t for the wider public.

Hard as it might seem, this is an abridged version. For those who would like to see exactly what i mean, you may visit (my personal blog) for an even clearer view. Rest easy, it’s not like the world is about to end- that was friendly banter. Let’s get started, shall we?

A motivation, contrary to popular opinion is far from inspiration. Motivation basically means to pull yourself together, get a grip on yourself and- against what you would rather do- walk out there and put in a shift or two to make the world a better- or worse place.

Think of it this way; if a gang of terrorists wanted to make some fancy and dangerous pathogen to wipe out a population, yet do not have the people with the necessary skill set, they will be INSPIRED to find someone who can. The best places to look would be chemical plants- big chemical plants, possibly even run by the law! Once they pin-point the person, they will set about to get him. Let’s not worry too much about how dude eventually gets caught- you can go watch Jack Bauer’s 24 for details; these things are possible.

Alexander The Great
Alexander The Great inspires military tactics

So, dude’s been caught and obviously he isn’t a terrorist and doesn’t believe in killing people…bla..bla..bla. The terrorists will need to make him make the bomb. They can’t inspire him; they will need to MOTIVATE him by torture and for example maybe threatening to kill his family. I can’t get too graphic, you might be reading this with your little one so let’s snap out of this and back to the real world, from whence these things inspire Hollywood script writers.

Inspiration draws from a natural response to our surroundings, while motivation comes from the expectation of a reward. Footballers like myself (it is true) are motivated by the possibility of victory, and inspired by the likelihood of greater achievements than victory. In most cases, it’s against every muscle of your body to wake up and brush your teeth anyway. You are however motivated by the likelihood of missing out on the expected date.

Similarly, many people among us find inspiration from great preachers and public speakers of this and bygone eras. Martin Luther King Jnr. and Malcom X stand at different ends of the spectrum that their values entail, yet still inspire their own people. My personal inspirations are quite controversial- so details shall be on my personal site.

While everyone of us is inspired by someone, how many of us are really motivated to be an inspiration to another? Many of us are content to just lie there, be a nuisance to society and expect to get away with it. The result? The world around us eventually searches for models to their own lives. The likes of Osama Bin Laden, KKK (Ku Klux Klan), and whatever other institution you feel is a negative force in the world then become icons of their time- glorified and for what? For the negative energy they bring into the world.

Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte was a great motivator

On a much smaller but equally effective scale, now we see gangsters and carrying guns around being lauded as ‘cool’ while going to Church is looked slightly upon. It’s because our values continue to erode, to a stage where we shall eventually believe that we are our own makers.

To that end, science has taken the lead- and got me very curious actually! Scientists are in the middle of recreating a fully fledged human brain, complete with it’s independent thinking and consciousness. They believe that by 2019, we will see the world’s first electronic beings, thinking and talking as humans!

Simulated brains?
Simulated brains?

Also, in the distant future, the objective is to eventually migrate from the earth and colonize space! What makes them think this is achievable i don’t know. They are certainly inspired by the seeming possibilities that lie ahead. They will never be achieved in all entirety, but it’s a bonus that they are willing to give it a go.

So instead of sitting on our laurels relaxing in the sun all day and stuff, how about we get up our backsides and go inspire someone somewhere to do something useful and positive? Rotary International is already doing that- and admiringly so. Many people have joined up and the band continues to grow.

What we need is more bodies, whether by motivation or (preferably) inspiration to come out and change the route that our world is taking. Our times will be remembered by our legacy, and what shall our legacy be?

“Remember, upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.” Alexander The Great.

Hmmmm….i feel like a teacher today, got to get myself some water. Ah…about that blog, take your time about it, i might never write the unedited version anyway and besides, the words still confuse me too; but i am pretty sure we need them both.

Kind Rgds,

Peter King

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