Charity; the battle of the mind and the heart!

You may not have noticed it in humans, or even taken the time to study it in yourself but helping- as has been the case from the beginning- comes from two different situations, and are powered by the mind or the heart- or both. The common consensus is that either inspiration ultimately leads to the same thing- a positive result. I dare not say which one is better- it is not my place and it requires consensus to agree upon. What i am sure of, is that Rotary brings both to the table courtesy of the individuals that make up such a wonderful organization.

Research in social psychology indicates that helping is biologically drilled in each and every one of us- in and outside Rotary, and every individual somewhere has at one time or the other helped someone. The purpose of this article is to expound on the inspiration of that help- whether it is a helping mind, or a helping heart. At the end of the day, “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” John Holmes.

While in both cases a helper is driven by the conditions of the ‘helpee’, a mind driven person will help especially because he would want to reduce on the distress that he would otherwise experience by seeing the appalling situation in which someone is. It is majorly a self satisfying model with one downside- people who experience extreme hardships will likely walk away from a problem because they can’t bear the sight of extreme hardships. The will to help is overpowered by fear. This means that they would require conditioning or fine-tuning to overcome their fear.

Help in disaster
Help in disaster
A little grain for a friend
A little grain for a friend








On the other side, people who help from the heart are more driven by altruism- where they are motivated by empathy towards the suffering person. These kind are much less likely to walk away from any kind of situation because they derive their satisfaction from the fulfillment and victory of another.

We are biologically different, and approach help in different ways. At the end of the day, both models satisfy both parties- helper and ‘helpee’. Even better, helping generates gratitude and connectivity.

Some people help better when they are in groups while others do individually. What is obvious is that group helping eats up a lot more resources than individual helping but that is because it generates greater positives than the latter, and resources- if divided by the number of individuals in the group- will be found to have been less than what a single individual might achieve.

Light up even a stranger
Light up even a stranger
Rotaractors after inspecting previously Rotaract trees
We are the action wing of Rotary International








We make up Rotary International- one of the biggest charity organizations of our time. It is a great pride to be the action wing of this all inclusive club, and so it is upon us to keep powering it forward. It is our civic responsibility to build structures that encourage giving. The reasons really don’t matter; whether it is the mind or the heart, the goal is to satisfy the needs of our communities if for no other reason let it be because “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” Charles Dickens.

For once, i have not written my own opinions, i need a high for that from y’all- ya?

Kind Rgds,

Peter King

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