Our charter is coming

It’s almost a year now, since the formation of the provisional Rotaract Club of Kigali City (RCKC), yet it seems like the club has been around forever. Rotaract is a fairly new concept in District 9150’s Rwanda and growth isn’t exactly sky high, so for us to grow from a first fellowship of 11 members back on 27th July 2012 to some 20 hyper active members would require a knighthood in these parts. We would be called ‘Sir RCKC’ if ever there was such a knighthood for a club.

At RCKC, we have ensured to be relevant in most Rotaract projects. Between organizing the highly successful RYLA Rwanda 2013, visiting hospitals and orphanages, and the upcoming painting of zebra crossings across the city, we have managed to let loose at a beach fellowship which was more remembered as err…ahem, a swallowship and organized some four sleepovers, both formal and informal (As in some sleepovers became so because members refused to depart by sunset at invited residences- ULTIMATE FUN).

So, after a fun filled and largely trial and error year, thanks to our sponsor club- The Rotary Club of Kigali Virunga- we are now here, a couple of days away from our Charter & installation, a welcome inconvenience before we get back to the real business of helping to fix the world. As a provisional club, we have acted like a chartered club;- Hosting some three different clubs from other districts, organizing projects as well as sending representatives to other district projects.

With a facebook page ‘rotaractkigalicity- community based’, a club blog, a twitter account @RCkigalicity, an email address rotaractkigalicity@gmail.com and active on watsapp as RCKC, we have managed to make ourselves visible and aspire to become a benchmark for charity.

The members who took time to step into uncharted waters to build a club, that would become a wonderful Rotary story and participated in that first fellowship have since become fewer, especially owing to grueling schedules in further away lands, yet the few continue to persist; trying to realize the goals that they set about to fulfill. Having built quite a wonderful and very active membership, as well as helping to improve the vibrancy of Rotary in Rwanda, Rotaract Club of Kigali City is proud of it’s achievements thus far, and the multiple fellowships it has participated in, or hosted.

And as we edge towards the end of our charter week, we wish to request all those who made it a very successful year to kindly attend our charter and installation dinner this 8.06.13. We have a lot of respect for you all.

Also important is our wish to highlight some of the major events of our first year. Everybody who made each of these events possible will be remembered by us for the entirety of our existence. Please recap the wonderful highlights with us;-

1. 27/07/2012. RCKC is born and a first fellowship of 11 members is realized. These original members have since reduced, but a special thanks to them anyway. Norryn Busingye, Ayebazibwe Shamillah, Darlene Muhoza, Gift Mukantabana, and Kasi Fredericks- thank you.

2. 27/10/2012. RCKC, in conjunction with the Rotaract Club of Mbarara visit Kibagabaga hospital to deliver gift items and encourage patients in the ‘We care, we support’ project, the first ever RCKC project. Thank you members of Rotaract Mbarara for showing us how it’s done.

Rotaractors on arrival at the Kibagabaga Hospital

3. October 2012. Our very first sleep over, at the residence of Provisional President Norryn Busingye. It was for fun, but even more, to regroup and assess the Club’s progress.

4. 15/12/2012. RCKC, in conjunction with members of The Rotaract Club of Kisumu organized a beach fellowship in Gisenyi/ Rubavu. It was a fun fellowship and an opportunity to assess the possibility of the area having it’s own Rotaract club opened up. Hopefully, we will be able to spearhead that formation this coming Rotary year. To Ochola Elizabeth, Rose Onoka, Nazmeen Hussein and Vivian Buoro, thank you very much for your support and continued love.

Just getting started
Just getting started

Rotaractors on arrival at Gisenyi/ Rubavu


5. 22/02/2013. Our second sleep over, at the residence of member and yours truly, Peter King Oloo that had members from all three Rotaract clubs of Rwanda;- School of Finance & Banking (SFB), Kigali Institute of Education (KIE) as well as RCKC. It was a fellowship that strengthened our ties and helped map a way forward for Rotaract in Rwanda.

6. 16 & 17/03/2013. In conjunction with the entire Rotary family in Rwanda, we successfully organized RYLA Rwanda 2013. It was a resounding success for which we are most proud, especially given the challenges we faced in trying to make it happen. This particular conference made us more aware about what success can be achieved with teamwork. We are most glad and proud of what we were able to achieve. Thanks- a mighty thanks to all our visitors on the two days- including the district governor; you left a lasting impression.

Planting RYLA 2013 tree
Planting RYLA 2013 tree
RYLA Rwanda 2013 participants
RYLA Rwanda 2013 participants


7. 26/04/2013. A surprise farewell party was held overnight for yours truly at Nyamirambo. Not that i was leaving RCKC, but that some engagements were taking me too far away to consistently attend fellowship and projects with the club. The spirit that was shown made me feel most loved, and appreciative of their efforts. It was a party that was very massive and was to leave a lasting impression on me. That the club thought it worthy to say farewell to me so formally was very touching. It was organized by all three Rotaract Clubs, and to them i say thank you from the very bottom of my heart and that it was memorable. To that i must add that PETER’S STILL HERE!

Guiness shower
Guiness shower









8. 25/05/2013. RCKC was part of a joint project (along with the entire Rotary family in Rwanda) to visit Nibakure Children’s Village in Bugesera- Rwanda where they toured the premises, and played with the orphans as well as handing them some niceties. On the same day, they proceeded to Gashora girls school to commission an Interact club. Memorable.

Rotaractors/ Rotarians off to Bugesera
Rotaractors/ Rotarians off to Bugesera









9.31/05/2013. RCKC was part of the Rotary Rwanda organized walk to remember- a walk from the Kigali Public Library to Kigali Genocide Memorial Center- in respect of the people who lost their lives during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis and moderate Hutus. Special mention was made of the Rotarians who lost their lives then.

At the center proper.
At the center proper
Rotary family walking to the Genocide memorial center
Rotary family walking to the Genocide memorial center









10. 08/06/2013. CHARTER & INSTALLATION DINNER. It has been quite an interesting first year for us, and what better way to cap it than to be chartered? We hope to do much better, since we now know what to do and what’s expected of us, starting with the painting of all Zebra crossings in the city- which will be an ongoing, nonstop project.

Guests, friends and sponsors, we wish you all the best in your endeavors, and thanks for making us feel loved. We can promise you a much more vibrant Rotaract Club Of Kigali City (Community based) this coming Rotary year.

Kind Rgds,

Peter King Oloo

15 thoughts on “Our charter is coming

  1. RCKC…….We go ,we go…we go,we go…….. to Serve Above Selves……….
    Congs to all who made it happen…..

    And to Peter Oloo…….Good Work here…..Publicity is entirely yours……..!

    1. Another Round, Of course on me to celebrate the successful journey covered and to prepare for much more to be explored in this journey of Serving Above self. Good Work Oloo (OB).

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