The guests will build our legacy

It’s amazing how a house full of guests springs to life, when the host does so with pleasure, feeling honored to be in their very presence. A place without guests- which never has guests- is a dead place, and it’s occupants anti-social perhaps. After all, our livelihoods are all always intertwined, making us interdependent. This is a fact that is taught to us from the very first day we become conscious- that visitors are flowers in every home, they make homes beautiful and bright, yet should never be allowed to go bad, lest we stagnate in our development.

You see, with visitors comes knowledge (because we share in what they know and have experienced), spiritual blessings, opportunities and love. Those are all things that we can’t live without in this dog-eat dog world. We need each other, and most of us love to be part of larger groups. Religion, Politics, Sports, Entertainment & Charity all have one thing in common- they identify collectively with a cause- and that’s because they think alike and want to act alike. If a cause ceases to have meaning to one individual, he will leave and seek out one that has meaning to him- and thus visit another group. What he sees, shall determine whether he feels at home or not so it’s in the interest of his host (s) to make him comfortable.


The guests are a part of our legacy here at Rotaract Club of Kigali City (RCKC), they make us who we are, and they take us out to the world. We may be a young club, but we have had countless guests from across East Africa come to visit us, just because of the vibrancy they hear about from those who visited before them. We have established wonderful relationships with them all and made them feel at home in our own small way because we love them and felt great pleasure in hosting them.


To the members and our brothers and sisters of the Rotaract Club of Mbarara, Rotaract Club of Kisumu, Rotaract Club of Nairobi, Rotaract Clubs of Kampala Central & Kampala South, Rotaract Clubs of SFB & KIE, we love you all, and all the fellowships we’ve had with you have been fun. Each one of you, and many others taught us more about Rotaract and as we inch closer to one year of existence and Charter, we can only say thank you to all of our visitors. In the coming year, we are sure to visit countless clubs not only to pay back, but because we feel they would love to host us.



Peter King Oloo

One thought on “The guests will build our legacy

  1. Reblogged this on Seasons of Greatness and commented:
    People who make us happy are indeed a blessing. I am happy that this club made me happy to be a part of them. Many parts of me are with them, and every time i should think of goodness, lots of the credit shall go to them & that ‘them’, is actually ‘us,’ because i am one of them. CHEERS RCKC

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