There’s always enough to go round

We just have to be selfless about it.

Doesn’t it seem too odd, that some people have more than enough, while others have much less than enough? For every child dying of hunger in South Sudan, Haiti, Somalia or any other hunger stricken area you know of, there are countless families that throw away excess food, because there’s not even a dog to give it to. How many times do we leave unfinished- yet expensive food- on the tables whenever we exit restaurants and high end hotels? According to the UN food and agricultural organization, as of 2010, 1 in every 7 people goes hungry on a regular basis, the cause of which is majorly linked with poverty.

Now, the same report says there’s enough food to go round, matter of fact agriculture the world over produces 17 percent more calories per person today than it did three decades ago, despite a percent population increase of over 70. This is not to make any of us feel guilty (Sometimes, the things that happen to other people have nothing to do with us), but this is to make us feel more responsible. Of course, we might not be able to carry left overs from the restaurants to the nearest street kid we can find, but all that we have to do is to show some understanding and kindness towards those that need food, or shelter, water or clothing.

As the legendary American president, Abraham Lincoln said; “To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own,” (that’s perhaps why, rather than offer them more money or food, he instead championed the abolition of slavery for the slaves of that time- a move that set the minority black folk on the path to success), all we need too, is to show compassion to those that need them, to inspire those that need inspiration and to continue to build better understanding- amongst ourselves- of their plight. That’s how greatness is forged- by inspiring the change we want to see in the world. There are people who inspire positive change, others inspire negative change while more are misunderstood. The good thing about it all is that they make a change- whatever it is. The worst thing you can do? DO NOTHING, then you are surely irrelevant- but it’s nothing to tap yourself on back for.

In the Rotary family, the time we spend together in trying to impact positive change in the world is also the time in which we get to understand one another, inspire one another, and also help one another, so it isn’t like we lose time, or lay it to waste. To the contrary, we become family because we share the same moral principals, and we feel the same pains that the underprivileged feel. Each of our time is spent learning valuable lessons, getting inspired by the very best because in our busiest times of service, we also get countless opportunities to move us forth.

It’s a great feeling to see positive change in the lives of others, as in our very own lives and to that we shall always toast and drink, because we found a balance, that we shall keep honing until we attain perfection- if ever there’s such a word among mortals.

At Rotaract Club of Kigali City (we love to abbreviate it as RCKC) we hone our leadership skills, plan for projects, Joke & celebrate life every Friday in Kigali- Rwanda 7-8pm. It’s always fun because service without fun is uninspiring yet to us, SERVICE IS HONORABLE.

ImageWe take care of ourselves, so that we can muster the togetherness and spirit to forge a world changing machine. We host house parties just as much as we participate in projects.

ImageAt the end of the day, we have helped achieve positive change in our own little way, but in the way that we understand best. We chose not to do NOTHING, because there’s enough to go round, and to us, SERVICE IS HONORABLE.



Peter King OLOO

2 thoughts on “There’s always enough to go round

  1. Thanks alot for the great job Oloo of course we are committed to serve others above self and i believe we can achieve the impossibles with our group!!

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