The essence of Service

In the days of perhaps the greatest army commander in history- Alexander The Great- it was a mark of greatness for the biggest military commanders to successfully lead their armies to battle. The best of them, like Alexander got to bathe in immortality, while the vanquished where rightfully accepted in history as bridesmaids to the legends of battle. 

Times have since changed, and from the days when Alexander challenged King Darius, many weapons have been forged… weaponry is so advanced that the survival of field commanders represents the greatest victories- and with it the now meaningless pride.

For, while the greatest fighters in history took pride in servitude, now the current ones- who still rely on Alexander’s methods of 2500 years ago- take pride in ruler-ship using advanced weaponry!!

The Rotaract club of Kigali City, in partnership with Rotary International is on a mission to revive true greatness- to help the hurting world, and not hurt it. We believe service in itself should be a mark of greatness, and that immortality should lie in the strength, and willingness to allow others enjoy life to the fullest.

There’s enough love to heal the world- if you know where to look. For that, the Rotaract Club of Kigali City will take pride in showing- and joining you.

Happy Holidays people, and may your biggest happiness come from helping those that need it most.


Kind Rgds,

Peter Oloo

3 thoughts on “The essence of Service

  1. Just Discovered so to say your Blog . You are a club destined to go places keep up . Share this with more people in the rotary
    family .

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