Previously on RCKC’s Nyacyonga Project; Catching up with Our Acts of Service!

It’s a few days to our project with the Rotaract Club of Kampala- Kibuli (D9211) and as we count down the days to D-day, we can’t avoid reminiscing on our previous episode of the same project.

When the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Parklands (D9212) reached out to our team navigating on the opportunity of partnership with the Rotaract Club of Kigali City (D9150), there was no better way to say yes than we did. And our action plan had just the right project to have them involved.

So, on the 9th of February 2018, a joint project between our two clubs was implemented at Nyacyonga Primary School, located in only a few minutes out of the City of Kigali. The project was executed under theme, In Educating a Child, Lies the Future” and all our activities were in line with supporting improvement of education for the primary school children in the school.

On addition to providing basic scholastic materials, donating books to the children, and repainting blackboards, we also sensitized the students on their personal and menstrual hygiene, after which we donated sanitary towels to the girls. Mother Earth had nothing on us so the project featured a tree planting session as we sensitized the school community on the reason they need trees at the school and why they need to take good care of those we were planting. It was a great time well spent at the school. We would never have asked for more.

You want to catch up with what transpired through the project and the team’s stay? Click here.

This year, the same project is coming back with a new face, and a new theme but with the same purpose. We all echo in Mahatma Ghandi’s words; “Be the Change You Want to see in the World”. We are doing exactly this,  first in Rwanda and then spread it to East Africa and the world over. Because #RotaryConnectstheWorld!

Come November 2nd, all roads in town will lead to Nyacyonga Primary School. We are doing it again, only better! And this time, we shall be joined by the Rotaract Club of Kampala-Kibuli (D9211) to spread our acts of kindness to the school community of Nyacyonga Primary School through our “Nyacyonga Phase 2” Project.

Under theme, Educate For Change”, this year’s project will focus on Water and Sanitation, a core area of Rotary International through sensitization of students on the use of clean and safe water to stay healthy and providing a clean water supply by donating a water tank.

The intent is to ensure that the students have a clean water supply that will help to prevent water-borne diseases. We will also provide litter bins in a bid to promote a clean and green environment that provide a learning friendly environment to the students.

To respond to Rotary international’s call to be people of action, service oriented people and change makers, and to celebrate one of the goals of Rotaract, “To provide opportunities for young people to address the needs and concerns of the community and our world”, has been the major drive behind all the efforts towards creating a better life for students of Nyacyonga Primary School.

Join us to drive a new wave of change in the community of Nyacyonga Primary School as we deliver the support we pledged for the success of #NyachongaPhase2! If you are reading this, we certainly look forward to your support and company as Rotary Connects the World!

Follow us on social media (Twitter (@RCKigaliCity), Facebook( (Rotaract Kigali City) Instagram (@rotaractkigalicity) and Flickr (rotaractkigalicity1) to keep up with our progress on this project! And see you there! Don’t forget to invite your neighbors and their friends. 🙂 After all, the more, the merrier!


The PR Team (2019-2020)


Sharing in Rotaract’s 51 years of Awesomeness – Our Legacy of Service.

Norryn Gloria Busingye
Charter President (RCKC)

It has been an amazing week! But why not? It is the World Rotaract Week, same time when Rotaract was celebrating 51 years of not just existence but also uninterrupted service to humanity across the world. The Rotaract Club of Kigali City (RCKC – if you may), has been privileged to contribute to this amazing journey.

The coolest service group that anyone would wish to belong to is ‘Rotaract’. And the second coolest is the Rotaract Club of Kigali City…True story.

Why, you ask?

Being a part of the Rotary International umbrella is a privilege we don’t take for granted. So there was only one way to show this off, by celebrating the acts of service that the Rotaract Club of Kigali City has been involved in since its inception, 7 years ago. So the same vibe of celebrating service in this Rotaract week for the past 7 years has brought nothing but excitement to the club members. Since inception, the club has engaged in different impact creating service projects, contributing to Rotary International’s areas of focus and upholding its same slogan of ‘Service Is Honorable’. With projects that ranged from patients at a local hospital, participating in Rwanda’s monthly general cleaning “Umuganda”, supporting children’s public speaking skills through annual spelling competitions, supporting girls living with HIV and have been victims of sexual abuse, supporting the improvement of primary school children’s welfare, and tree planting. The Club has made its mark on communities in Rwanda.

It’s service without boundaries anyway, so the possibility of confining our service to only within Rwanda has no room in the Club’s definition of service. It’s only fair that we extend our service beyond the borders, seeking partnerships with sister clubs in other countries/districts and sharing to creating impact in other communities too. Clubs like the Rotaract Club of Mbarara, Rotaract Club of Bugolobi, Rotaract Club of Natete Kampala, Rotaract Club of Kabale Community, Rotaract Club of Kampala Kibuli and the Rotaract Club of Kampala North from District 9211, and the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Parklands from District 9212 have been rolling with us in this amazing journey of service.

The same inspiration led the Club into sending delegates to recent activities like East Africa’s annual community service project that was dubbed REACT and hosted in different countries on an annual rotational basis, the Rotaract Africa Summit, and the Rotary UN Day. But there is more to what we can do. If we can do all these cool stuff with our teams and venues well branded in line with the projects we are undertaking, increase our partnerships with other public youth groups, endeavor to have publicity materials for our events, and solicit for as much as media coverage as possible, the impact will always be magical. Of course all this is in addition to proudly displaying our Rotaract pins wherever we go. Let’s try this going forward, let’s be the ambassadors Rotaract would be proud of, and then watch the results decide.

Oh, by the way did we mention the Rotaract Club of Kigali City is the coolest you can find in the City of 1000 hills? Yes. But if you still don’t believe this, check us out on one of the fine Fridays of the year, get to know what we do, and then commit to belong with us. Yes, be cool like that!

A toast to more years of awesomeness and to Rotaract world over!


The Evolving Face of Rotaract and Rotary; Today and Tomorrow

Norryn Gloria Busingye
Charter President
Rotaract Club of Kigali City, Kigali, Rwanda (D9150)

Since 1968 when Rotaract was started to supplement Rotary International, it has evolved and gone through so many changes. The face of today’s Rotary, is probably the best we have had so far. But the good news is that it even gets better!

In my journey as a Rotaractor, I have met three categories of people whom I have dared to invite to join the big happy Rotary International family, either as Rotaractors or as Rotarians. There are those that visited, got to know what we do and did not commit but will occasionally show up on a big project or event (bless their hearts); those that just decided it’s not their ‘thing’ – perhaps because all the answers to the popping question “What is in it for you” were not what they exactly wanted to hear, or perhaps because despite efforts to explain otherwise, they still hold on to the old concept of “Rotary is a cult”. And then there are those that have actually chosen to stay since, and these are my favorite people. The latter will be my focus in this piece.

The very first time I got to know about Rotaract, I also learnt that it actually meant “Rotary in action”, and that by joining, I would be part of the ‘power team’ for action, ideas, and efforts to promote the good brought to the world by members of the Rotary family. The same actions indirectly create avenues for service that will attract more youth to be part. My hopes were certainly high, and they have still not disappointed.

Every time we celebrate the goodness of the service rendered by Rotaractors around the world, one can only affirm that to talk about the future of Rotary is to magnify the beauty of Rotaract. Because, that right there, is the future of Rotary.

In the recently concluded 2018 Rotary International Convention in Toronto, the Immediate Past Rotary International (RI) President, Ian Risely displayed very high hopes for the future of Rotaract and I choose to agree with him. Well, I always had a similar opinion.

We have set some ambitious goals for Rotaract, but I honestly feel the future of Rotaract looks rosy.” – Ian Risely, RI President 2017-2018.

Echoing his words, we must all agree that Rotaract just gets better every time, both in numbers, membership diversity, and quality of projects taken up by Rotaract clubs all over the world. Rotaractors currently champion massive projects that could as well be taken up by Rotary clubs, and this is the impressive bit.

What does this imply? There has been enough empowerment, inspiration and exemplary leadership. If utilized well, and coupled with the ambitious goals, efforts and great ideas from all members of Rotaract clubs, this could be the pathway to a better Rotaract and Rotary in the future. Better yet, it could pave way to a better relationship between Rotaract and Rotary providing solutions that many of us have been seeking (so help us God!).

This 2018-2019 Rotary theme, “Be an inspiration” – probably my best so far (never mind that I always thought ‘Be a gift to the world’ topped the list), calls upon all members to influence positive change both within the people around us and in the communities we live in. It is overwhelmingly beautiful to simply look at what has been accomplished by Rotaractors over the years.  The activities all the year round ranging from Literacy Promotion, Health, Women/Girl-child Empowerment, Environmental Protection, and Nutrition Promotion, have changed lives, inspired more members to join, and created lasting relationships/friendships within the Rotary family.

As Rotaractors however, we ought to look within and inspire the same change we want to see in Rotaract/Rotary so that it starts with us. Rotaract has raised phenomenal ladies and gentlemen that make a very strong generation of leaders both within and outside Rotary.

The challenge to all of us is to inspire each other enough to stay,  influence others to join, and make Rotaract an even a better avenue for service and lasting friendship.

As Paul Harris once said, “the story of Rotary will have to be written again and again” and in this we all have a role to play. Today, Rotaract is providing the script, and the only choice you and I have left, is to play our roles in the story well for the generations to come.   Let’s all continue the good service as we BE THE INSPIRATION!

A tribute to Muragu…(Wait for it!)

Norryn Gloria Busingye
Charter President (RCKC)

It has been an awesome year!

Oh, wait! It’s not end of year yet! But well, oh well, it’s an end of an era! The era of our International Service Director (2018-2019).

So today we shall be taking you behind the curtains as we bring to light one of the humans that have done cool stuff, Anthony Muragu, aka Antoine.

In November 2016, we gained an addition of a member from neighboring Kenya after he relocated to Kigali in October. That’s not new, right? The catch was a home hospitality that was hosted by then, International Service Director, and now, President Elect for the club, Dennis Otangocinge. In his own words, from that hospitality, the rest is history.

Before relocating to Kigali, Antoine got to know about Rotaract/Rotary in 2009 back in Kenya (RID 9212 at an event where one Past District Governor (PDG) Erick Kimani, spoke about Leadership and Entrepreneurship classes as mentorship. And this was the beginning of his Rotaract journey, because with his passion for giving back, he attended the classes out of interest. Meantime, he also attended fellowship at a mini-Rotaract cub for about 2 years.

After a break from Rotaract that was prompted by a move in his career, Antoine re-joined Rotaract in 2013 through the Rotaract club of Karura in Nairobi so he could join his former colleagues from college.

When he moved to Kigali in October 2016, it was easy to connect with Rotaract in Rwanda and he immediately joined the Rotaract Club of Kigali City (RCKC) and the said hospitality in December 2016 was his very first project to attend.

Antoine’s Rotaract Highlights

  • The friendship, connections and family spirit during his time as a member of RCKC.
  • Participation in leading the International Service Directorate and learning a lot about Rotaract while at it. The results were connections and exposure.
  • Travel and networking opportunities (Muragu attended the joint project between Rotaract Kigali City and Rotaract Kampala Kibuli (D9211)  the Rotaract Africa Summit that was held in Zanzibar in November 2019 , and coordinated the joint project between RCKC and Rotaract Nairobi Parklands (RCNP).
  • Home hospitalities.
  • Over all, service projects to members and the community at large, knowing that the efforts we make, as Rotaractors actually make the world a better place. In his own words, “I leave, happy at heart, knowing that the club is growing, and of course contributing to the growth of Rotaract and Rotary in general.”
  • Looking forward to genuine hugs from friends and connections made every Friday, RCKC’s day for fellowship.

Antoine’s Rotaract Memories with RCKC in Pictures

Muragu (centre), flanked by the President Elect (2018-2019) and the Seargent At Arms (2018-2019) at one of the sister clubs’ installation dinner

I joined Rotaract after a talk that was given by PDG Kimani (Kenya) on Leadership and Entrepreneurship. In 2016, I joined RCKC through a hospitality that was hosted by PE Dennis. I stayed because of the friendship, bonding and family spirit at RCKC. I always looked forward to the Friday hugs! But overall, the exposure & service to the community  – Rtr. Anthony, rather Antoine Muragu

From all of us at RCKC to Muragu;

It’s a ‘see you soon’! Thank you for choosing RCKC during your stay in Kigali. And thank you for sharing your time, your talents and a part of yourself with us. Keep serving above self!

Our Nyacyonga Invasion to Support Children’s Education

Norryn Gloria Busingye 
Charter President(RCKC)

It was all fun, service and fellowship as the Rotaract Club of Kigali City (RCKC, as known by many), hosted the Nyacyonga joint project with the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Parklands (RCNP), all the way from ‘the green city under the sun’.  But because we promised to never walk alone, we were in the great company of a good number of Rotaract clubs from far and wide. Keep with us as we drop the names of the awesome clubs that sent their delegates to join us for this joint project that left a mark not only in the life of the club, but also and most importantly, in the community of Nyacyonga.

This time, the area of focus was “Basic Education and Literacy” and “Water and Sanitation”. We had it on the fine Saturday of February, the 9th in Nyacyonga, one of the outskirts/suburb of the city of Kigali.

Day before the project date, guests from all over East Africa started landing at Nyabugogo airport as they got prepared for D-day. It was all excitement as the massive group was received and picked up by RCKC’s Immediate Past President and International Service Director who later on protocoled them to their respective destinations so they could be able to freshen up ahead of the long-awaited joint fellowship. Delegates were from Rotaract Clubs of Nairobi Parklands, and a few early birds from the Rotaract Club of Kampala North. While we were at this, a few of our members led by the President herself were representing at a lunch fellowship of the Rotary Club of Gasabo; but what happens at lunch fellowships, we were told remains there.

Fast forward to one of the long awaited moments, the joint Rotaract fellowship at Popp Conn, the exquisite offices at Gishushu. It was all magical through the fun-filled fellowship that lasted till late. Like we have always said it here, it is not an RCKC fellowship if there is no fun in it. By the end of the fellowship, there were all signs of exhaustion from our guests so lest we messed up with the morning’s agenda, we were all in agreement that we coclude and have some rest ahead of the early morning for the most awaited project. (By the way, don’t argue with me, we all agreed on this one. Everyone was tired). J)

By 7 am on the long-awaited Saturday morning, everyone was up and about heading to the agreed meeting point and by 8:30, the first group of project participants had set off. Allow me to put to your attention that there was perfect time keeping here (just for the record). Meanwhile, the second round of participants that included members of the Rotaract Club of Kampala – Kibuli (who had only jetted in on Saturday morning) and a few members of Rotaract Kampala North was in transit too. Because the more, the merrier and therefore no one was to be left behind.

By 10:00am a group of super excited Rotaractors and Rotarians flanked by the Ambassador of the USA to Rwanda, Amb. Peter Vrooman and Amb. Adamu Onoze, the High Commissioner of Nigeria to Rwanda were settled at the venue ready to kick-start the project. At the school, the students, teachers and parents had gathered earlier in great anticipation of the guests and project of the day. Everything was started off with a very beautiful reception by the school-children who showed off their elegant traditional dance moves, locally known as ‘imbyino gakondo’. We also joined in breaking a leg as the great day’s DJ did his thing on the mixer.


We all cannot be ambassadors for there are many other positions that we need to fill; doctors, teachers, engineers, accountants, and politicians.” – Amb. Adamu Onoze

Teams were quickly created to do what we do best, be of service to others. We took on the programme of the day that had a variety of activities including an educational talk, personal hygiene talk well customised to different age groups of boys and girls separated, blackboard painting, tree planting, a hand washing session and a donation of a number of scholastic materials and story books to the school.

Each session was fun and yet educative in its own way as Rotaractors and Rotarians mingled with the school children to be of service. Some parents looked on in awe while some who couldn’t contain it joined in some of the sessions.  By 4pm, the classrooms had a new face with newly painted blackboards, a few of the trees sprouted all around the school, and the students had interacted, learned and unlearned massively from the educative sessions.

Representing our mother club -Rotary Club of Kigali Virunga- CPP Masterjerb Birungi, who also doubles as the Past Assistant District Governor for Rotary District, 9150 gave a vote of thanks to all guests who joined in the project and especially to the Rotaract clubs of Kigali City and Nairobi Parklands for pulling off such a great project for the community, and of course for making the mother club proud.


After the project, all roads led to Kicukiro, for yet another fun-filled session. FOOD! At this point, everyone was worked out and of course hungry. On arrival, everyone was treated to a sumptuous lunch and drinks because in RCKC, food is an integral part of us J

It would probably have been a successful but yet different project without the Rotaract and Rotary Clubs that offered us their support in this success of the project.

First off, to our partner in service, the Rotaract Club of Nairobi Parklands (RCNP), our appreciation to you for choosing RCKC to partner with. Without your partnership, this project would not have been the same; you’re so much fun to work with and the many photographers you gat captured the moments. Thank you, for braving the Nairobi-Kigali journey to be part of a life-changing project for the community of Nyacyonga. To many more projects with you! And to the guest Rotaractors from the Rotaract Clubs of Jomo Kenyatta University, Maseno University, Lower Kabete, Africa Nazarene, and Kampala City. We thank you for rolling with RCNP. It was all service above self, coupled with fun, laughter and building better friendships. Let’s do this again in this same lifetime people!

To the Rotaract Clubs of Kampala North and Kampala-Kibuli, you all set the bar high. Your support, presence and participation not only contributed much to the project success but also strengthened the great relationship among our clubs. We look forward to working with you on more and more of these!

Our sister Rotaract Clubs in Rwanda, the Rotaract Clubs of SFB-Kigali and KIE, thank you for never letting us walk alone.

And to the Rotary Clubs of Kigali-Virunga, Kigali Gasabo and Kigali Doyen, we can’t thank you enough for the continued support, encouragement and mentoring that you have offered us. We can only do better and make you proud as we transit into well able Rotarians (as you have been praying).

As we continue to roll with the spirit of service, we can only say our best time to live is now. And the best way of bringing it to life is by extending our hands of service to those who need it. The pride of Rotaract Club of Kigali City forever lies in the smiles on the faces of those we reach out to.

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2018 has been the year of blessings and triumphs. It has been the year for RCKC I must say. Let’s look at our 2018 journey in a nutshell.

Spelling Bee 2018, I must say was the best ever spelling bee event ever organised by the Rotaract Club of Kigali City since it’s pilot one 3 years ago. Well organised and prepared under the leadership or one might say chair of the Spelling Bee 2018, Current President Gisele with the support of the committee and the most crucial one, the guidance of Patrice Dorrall, Director White Dove Girl’s School. We recognise the sponsorship & partnership of Rotary Club of Kigali Virunga (sponsoring mother club), Rotary Club of Kigali, Imagine We, White Dove Girl’s School, Excella Academy. Oh!! And the awesome catering services that provided us with lunch. The energy poised by the young talent of students from the different schools was amazing. Never have I seen passionate people than those kids that day. Spelling is not a joke. Second year running another take home trophy for Riviera High School. Not forgetting the brilliant students from St Vincent Pallooti. And to the hosting school Excella Academy, we thank you.

2018/2019 Rotary Year President Installation, Where does one even start from, on this one? The most anticipated installation ever in the history of Rotaract & Rotary Rwanda, I must say, had the members not calm at all. Everyone was so excited to witness this event by the ‘beach’ as IPP Roger gets to handover the mantle to Inspirational President Gisele. A year of leadership & service from Roger and was rewarded by the members with an awesome package of appreciation. The event was graced by also the presence of members from Rotary Club of Kigali Virunga, Rotaract Club of SFB Kigali, Rotaract Club of KIE Kigali, Rotaract Club of Kampala North, Rotaract Club of Kampala North Musical & friends of friends. This would not have been a success without their support. None shall ever forget the 5 hour journey to Gisenyi, only the bus people know what am talking about.

Talk about the dress code of the event that Saturday evening! WOW! Credit goes to the fashion designers we have in the club. The maroon club T-shirts had the members looking all photogenic. This one of a kind installation with installing 6 new members into the club and 3 of those part of the incoming board to serve under the leadership of President Gisele. Isn’t that just amazing…to the fundraising session by the VP Dennis, the after installation games (balloon bursting, egg race, spin & run challenge) – team work at its best. The dinner itself was awesome especially the chicken and chapatti and thereafter we all retired back to the guest house for the greater part of the evening and night. One might think that was the end of it but think not, Sunday we treated ourselves to some beach volley ball and slaying at the open beach at Gisenyi. Boy!! Don’t we have some slay kings & queens? Till we meet again in June 2019, just watch our space for the next installation invite.

RCKC Picnic, What better way than to start the new Rotary year with some fun and bonding moments with the closest friends we have amongst ourselves? Home-made chapatti from Chef Hashim, Pancakes straight from Eldoret & the chapatis (if you know you know). Drinks were just enough to energise everyone present for the next games that have been planned by ‘Sonshine’. A recap of Gisenyi and we never fail to disappoint. Wonders were made on that day and memories created.

RCKC Board Training, with the new officers for the year 2018/2019 having been installed, the need for a training of the board members was called for. A time and opportunity used by members from the board to enrich themselves with their duties and responsibilities as well of their fellows, in order to have an idea of what each is entitled to do and offer help where needed. Teamwork is all I can say is the main goal of the training. A special recognition to the hosts Landmark Suites Hotel for hosting us and the very delicious snacks we had.

#KibuliKigaliMtoto Project, First project of the Rotary year 2018/2019 was a joint project in Kampala with the Rotaract Club of Kampala Kibuli. At Abubaker Sudwiq Secondary school in Kyanja. Some of the items provided were school desks, books and also talks on various subjects from investment to sex education.

I must say the trip to Kampala was oddly quiet one; thanks to seating arrangement from whoever booked us tickets. But the trip back to Kigali on Sunday was one to not forget with the theatrical snoring from one of the passengers to the meat aka chewing gum at Mbarara. If you know you know.

UN Rotary Day Summit, It was awesome to have been represented by the very inspirational President Gisele in Nairobi, who shared with the members the very enlightening moment she had from speeches especially The RI President Barry Hassin.

Kabale Referral Hospital project, Next project in line was yet another joint project with our neighbouring sister club from Kabale, The Rotaract Club of Kabale Community. A visit to Kabale referral hospital to families living positive with HIV. A time to sit with them and listen to their stories and letting know that there’s hope for a better tomorrow, shared with them some clothing and food. I commend the partnership between the Rotaract Cub and the Hospital for sustaining this project and let’s keep doing this. Later, in the evening, the after project was a tour to Lake Bunyonyi which was a fantastic one.

Rotaract Africa Summit, whenever this was mentioned, all that the 6 representatives from Rotaract Rwanda could hear was ZANZIBAR. Excitement all through as everyone going was excited about this trip more than the summit itself. Well, who could blame them? If you ever want to be tired, take a road trip to Dar.

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Christmas Project, with one of the district goals being having to have a Christmas themed project, we were all excited to do one as RCKC. Under the theme “sharing is caring”, we paid a visit to one of the families that leave down below in Gishushu. We bought them some food, clothing. It was awesome seeing such beautiful smiles on their faces and the blessing received are unimaginable. A few games with the children and stories were the main agenda of the day and closed with some delicious cake cutting.

As evening knocked on the door, we set off for the last home hospitality of the year, hosted by VP Dennis. And whenever you here hospitality at Dennis, you know there’s always ihene. And he disappoint this time too. Plenty of drinks, a full goat, various games and dancing coupled with some great cooking from our chefs of the night, truly a blessing to have them in the club.

Home Hospitalities, Last year’s hospitalities were the best of all time, no doubt. Great games, crafty cooking, dreadful dances, caring conversations and loud laughters were the order of all hospitalities. All thanks to all hosts of the year for their sacrifice; Angel Fortunate, Halima Mohamed & Angel Gabriel, Meshack Amwata and lastly VP Dennis Otangocinje. You guys were awesome and let’s do it again and again.

Friday Fellowships, The weekly Friday meetups at Popconn is what creates the bond among members of RCKC. A lot is shared and created during these times every Friday evening after work or school. The creativity of all buddy groups with their very engaging and fun fellowship with exciting agendas is one we ought to treasure. We really can’t for what’s planned for this year’s fellowships. Some memorable fellowships; fundraiser, karaoke night, dunda night, quiz night, debate night, riddles, tongue twisters, teasers but a few to be mentioned. Also all those fellowships that were graced by our Rotarians from Rotary Kigali, Rotary Gasabo & Rotary Kigali Virunga. Recognition to buddy groups (trophy winners); Team Power & Team Winners. Applause and love to buddy groups; Team Cohesion & Team Inspiration for the great team work and healthy competition.

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As we say in RCKC, “Service is Honourable”.



9th Feb – Nyacyonga Primary School Project (Joint partnership with Rotaract Nairobi Parklands)

May – Spelling Bee 2019

21st-23rd June – 8th Installation Party (Weekend Getaway)

Weekly Friday Fellowships from 7pm @ Popconn.

More Details: Follow @RCkigalicity & contact us via





2018 Rotaract Spelling Contest

It was the Education and Literacy Month in the Rotary world, a week ago. It can only be fair that we talk about our signature project, Spelling Bee and bring to you what transpired in the 2018 episode. It only gets better and better.

It was the 2018 Spelling Bee episode organized by the Rotaract Club of Kigali City, also dubbed “The 2018 East African Chapter” and held on Saturday June 9, 2018.  It exhibited a lot of progress in the club’s annual spelling competitions and the participants’ improvement in spelling.   Hosted by Excella School, the purpose of the 2018 competitions was to improve reading and learning abilities of high school students in Rwanda as well as boost their public speaking confidence.

Emerging as overall champion for the 2018 competitions, Abdul Karim Mugisha from Riviera High School walked away with the silver trophy that has been rotating from winner to winner, for a second year in a row.

aSome of the Spelling Bee 2018 Participants

The 2018 competitions saw 9 schools including, Excella School, Riviera High School, St Vincent Pallotti, Green Hills Academy, St Ignatius High School, King David Academy, Kagarama Secondary School, Royal Kids Academy, and Trinity Academy in a row of sophisticated words.

aaJudges (L-R), Faithful, Dominique Alonga and Patrice Dorall doing their job


Spelling Bee 2018 would be no competition without judges! For this year’s edition, we were honored to have Ms Patrice Dorrall, the Head teacher, White Dove Girls’ School, Dominique Uwase Alonga, the CEO and founder of Imagine We; Faithful Abaho, a teacher and Students Affairs Officer at White Dove Global Preparational School, and Rtn. Jwala Vijay Kumar, the secretary of the Rotary Club of Kigali-Virunga on the panel of judges.

While officiating the competitions, the Assistant District Governor (ADG) and representative from our mother club, the Rotary club of Kigali-Virunga, CPP Paul Masterjerb commended the project and urged other school leaders to appoint a teacher and task them to follow up on children’s spelling competitions.  He also mentioned that Rotary has been at the front of promoting children’s education and literacy skills and the same purpose was the inspiration of the Rotary Club of Kigali’s public library construction project.

The ADG was flanked by the President of our mother club (2017-2018), the Rotary Club of Kigali-Virunga, Thomas Konitzer and other Rotarians. The Rotarians expressed admiration and pride for the project and commended Rotaractors for pulling off such a project and the impact they created to the students.

aaaAbove, ADG & CPP Masterjerb Paul Birungi and President Thomas Konitzer pose for a photo moment with overall winners

The overall winners in the Spelling Bee Rwanda will represent the country in the East African final competitions in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania come December 2018.  Among the top six finalists are Mugisha Abdul Karim (Riviera High School), Teta Christa (St Vincent Pallotti), Butera Myers Orest (Riviera High School), Christian Iroshnikov (Excella School), Cyusa Rodney (Green Hills Academy) and Kshitij Goyal (Green Hills Academy).

With the annual Spelling Bee, the Rotaract Club of Kigali City has not only improved students’ spelling but also increased mobilization of school leaders, teachers and parents to support their children to improve their reading and writing abilities and of course school performance.

To our sponsors, Texium Solutions, we thank you for the support that came through for the project. We couldn’t do so much either without the moral and financial support we received from our sponsoring club, the Rotary Club of Kigali- Virunga & Rotary Club of Kigali. And of course to our sister Rotaract clubs, the Rotaract Clubs of KIE and SFB-Kigali, it is always awesome having you with us.

Let’s have more of literacy-supporting activities as we continue to promote Literacy and Service Above Self in our country and beyond. Let’s continue to make a difference in the lives of not only students, but their parents, school administration and the country at large through more Spelling Bees and other Literacy promoting projects.

As we prepare for our joint Literacy project with the Rotaract club of Kibuli, Kampala (D9211), our call goes to all Rotaract and Rotary clubs to increase their engagement in activities that promote better quality education for children, because it’s the most important gift we can ever give them. In the same spirit, let’s all heed to the Rotary International President’s call this year and BE THE INSPIRATION to everyone else out there.





What you missed at the RCKC Picnic!

orryn Gloria Busingye
Charter President (RCKC)

It’s not Rotaract if it’s not fun! True Story. Well, if you don’t believe me, maybe you will believe if I tell you that “all work without play makes you a dull human.”

The day is one fine Saturday, and it’s only the 1st day of the new month called September, so anything can happen. It’s the long-awaited club picnic. It’s a fun-day, a time to celebrate our service to the community, and a time to bond with each other! Updates have been given, a venue has been booked, and friends of Rotaract have been invited.  Rotaractors-of course, are all in their super high spirits.

Now, most times we get preoccupied with service and these things don’t happen on a daily basis, so we all have to give such days our best. We will take stock of this one day in phases. Keep with us!

*Time check: 09:00am*

So it’s a beautiful Saturday morning and the weather in Kigali agrees with us that this is meant to be a good day. Last calls have been made and the early-bird Rotaractors are all assembled at the agreed meeting point. Everyone can’t wait to get to the venue and get the day started. All roads at this point lead to Kicukiro, to a place locally known as “Kwa Karirosi”. Don’t ask us about Karirosi, we didn’t get to meet him, but boy, he left us cool space, just the best we needed for everything that was planned for the day.

When we landed (that’s how we roll) at the venue, it was like a whole new world to all of us. A lot of space, a fresh breeze and a bunch of happy people to spend an entire day with. Now beat that only if you can!

After laying down our mats, Masai shukas and taking a few minutes’ breather, everyone displays what they carried along. The rules were clear anyway, we all had to carry out food and drinks. At this point conversations seem to have dwindled and almost all of us have resorted to the comfort of our smart phones and what they have to offer, not forgetting those with hangover from last night!!hahaha. Some claimed to be live-tweeting the event so far but the tweets died a natural death, we couldn’t trace those.

Thankfully, the organizing crew had put this in mind so we were all kept busy with a kick off team-building activities and an awesome line-up of activities. A series of games including the sack race, spinning game, balloon bursting and the blind-walks game were a good way to spend our time as we warmed up for the famous favorite moment (read lunch hour). Team building moments start off and the awesome line up of activities kick off.

*The games*

It all started with the sack race and the blind-fold walks where people showed off their special skills. Some of these games just exposed a few people’s drunk-walks while sober.

The sack race is all fun until one of the participant lands on the ground with their sack and you watch their struggle to get up and continue the race. And no, we won’t mention names. If you know, you knowJJ. And then there was this guy who did the ‘shaku shaku’ while racing smh!!

The blind-walk game played its trick on everyone as they showed off how distracted from the goal they can be. The climax is when the participant is miles away from the intended goal in mind. Apart from PP Tom Jack from KIE (this one may need to give us a detailed talk on how he stood out), the rest of them all seemed to be acting a drama scene. Again without mentioning anyone’s name, one of us managed to scare off all the children who had come to watch what sober adults can make of themselves. JJJ

The spinning game sasa! This one is usually the highlight of them all. If you haven’t seen grown-ups run like they are being blown by the wind, then you have clearly not watched this one. Taking off after spinning 10 rounds never seems fun until the instructions say you are to run off a few meters ahead of you immediately after the spin.  If you want to argue with me, ask Rtr. Anthony Muragu or PP Faridah JJJJ. Wait, we seem to have forgotten Laurent, you just should have been there to witness.

*The Food Hour*

Now, ladies and gentlemen, if anyone ever invites you to a fun day and the invitation doesn’t mention food anywhere, run! Run for your dear life. Because it all doesn’t add up for you to leave your house for ‘fun without food’ (for lack of a better name). I know at least one human that will entirely agree with me on this.

Lucky enough, the organizing crew knew this better. It was at this point that they came in with all the delicacies that we could imagine. A mix of Pancakes (the IPP fell in love with the cook), Pilau, Chapatti, bananas, and lots of drinks would never have left us the same.   These guys are the most amazing part of the team, they are the saving team. After long hours of waiting and laughing out loud, they are all we all wanted to see.  Everyone was jolly and active again, just like their factory settings had been restored. As we all gathered around for the better part of the day. Even the games were more exciting now. Not even the ‘totoractors’ were spared on this joy.

The rest of the evening was a special opportunity for all members’ bonding. We chatted the evening away and played all kinds of games & danced. Before we knew it, it was getting dark and we had to call it a day.

It was a weekend well spent! To the Rotaract clubs of SFB-Kigali and KIE, we received the delegates, thanks for rolling with us always. All cheers to Rotary and Rotaract! And to an awesome team and great service!

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